Digital marketing agencies can help you skyrocket the ROI of your marketing campaign without having to spend tons of money or time to assemble an in-house team.

In this post, we’ll talk about what digital marketing agencies do — specifically, what services you can expect them to handle for you with a detailed description of each one.

How to Run a Marketing Campaign

Here’s a general list of what goes into a marketing campaign:

Understand your customer’s behavior

Before running a successful marketing campaign, you need to have deep insight into your customer’s behavior. Most marketing messages end up sounding generic because most companies don’t take the time to fully understand their customers and the stories behind their problems.

Create processes

Scaling anything requires proper documentation of systems, processes, and workflows that go into completing a specific task. That means having a structured system to follow when you create a blog post, run a PR campaign, run social media promotions or paid ads, and so forth.

Gather the right tools

Inbound marketing campaigns require a variety of tools from start to finish. For example, you might need e-mail marketing tools (like MailChimp or Drip), analytics tools (like Google Analytics or KISSmetrics), communication tools like Slack, and more. These tools help accomplish your key tasks and hit your goals more efficiently.

Be consistent

One of the most important skills when it comes to inbound marketing is patience. Typically, noticeable results only come in after several months. Some of the most successful companies have been consistently putting in effort over the course of many years: